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Order Support

Infinitely Hooked

2785 E Grand Blvd Unit #157
Detroit, MI 48211

Customer Service 

Text or Call (313) 284-1182 

   Hours of Operation 

          Mon-Sat:10:00 am - 6:00 pm EST 

Sunday: Closed 

Rushed Orders

You can have your order rushed for an additional fee. Discuss this during approval time.

Pictures or Logos

You can add pictures or logos to your items. Just fill out an upload form.

Add to Orders

You can add to orders at approval time. You will be invoiced for additional fees.

Change Design

You must make edits prior to approval. Once approved there are no changes allowed. 


All products are made with organic ingredients and made fresh after you order.


We only use preservatives in our Shampoo, Conditioners, and Lotions they are plant based. 

Expiration Dates

We recommend using the products in decent timing to prevent expiration.


Please read all of our product descriptions before ordering to be sure you are not allergic. 

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